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S M Performance believes that integrity is the most important value that a car workshop must have – it is the reliable workshop that you can trust.

While S M performance is a relatively new name in the car repair business, don’t be surprised if you find the name familiar. You see, the people behind S M Performance are the same ones who manage the reputable paint shop and used car dealership – S M Spray Painting and Pte Ltd.

A used car dealership and a paint shop complement each other extremely well as used cars don’t really come in perfect condition. Most of these cars will require some body and paint work to reach the standards that expects of the cars in its inventory. With the expertise of S M Spray Painting, it is able to refurbish kerb rashes and freshen cars up with a new coat of paint. The cars in the showroom will definitely look as good as new.

Now, with the addition of S M Performance, the team is also able to ensure the mechanical condition of the cars, along with providing after sales services such as free servicing, free diagnostic checks and special rates on repairs to maintain the cars bought from, to ensure its customers’ peace of mind.

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    All started with the desire to provide a reliable repair service

    S M Performance was set up to create a truly one-stop solution for all of the teams’ existing and new customers. Your entire car ownership journey can now be supported end-to-end, by the team consisting of S M Spray Painting, and S M Performance.

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    Quality and workmanship is at the core of S M Performance

    Carrying on with the theme of quality, S M Performance uses only premium grade parts and the quality engine oils from Liqui Moly and Total for their customers. With a wide range of quality engine oil, S M Performance is able to cater to all sorts of cars – it even carries a hybrid-specific engine oil from Total.

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    Well-equipped to solve all your car problems

    S M Performance uses specialised diagnostic tools to ensure accurate quotation and repair work, it is also equipped with necessary machineries, such as a hydraulic press, which is needed for repairs such as wheel bearings and undercarriage bushing replacements.

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    S M Performance Extended Warranty program

    Extended warranty creates a win-win solution for both the company as well as the clients. With extended warranty, clients who have bought a car from would not have to worry about hefty repair costs should they face any engine or gearbox issues some time down the road.